In a pitch dark room, Pedro turned off his brain because he cannot sleep. Little did he know that it won’t open again.

Brain dead. Pedro will be forever lost from the face of the earth.

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With A :)

Hi! I can finally play the whole With A Smile song by the Eraserheads. It’s funny that it took me years to finally play it (almost) perfectly.

I subscribe to website for guitar chords and tab patterns. It is in this website where I learned how to play songs that I wanted to play. The website was introduced to me by my high school classmates, I think. By the way, I started playing the guitar during third year high school circa 2005 but was introduced to playing octavina–a sixteen-string instrument which looks like a miniature guitar during my third grade so I was kinda fascinated with string instruments really early. Anyway, enough of the digression.

I am a big Eraserheads fan and I know how to play a lot of their songs and With A Smile is something I really wanted to learn a long time ago because I thought it’s a nice English song of the band.

But I got frustrated when I found out that the chorus (?) part in the ultimate-guitar tutorial website sounds wrong. In the part of the song where the line: “Baby you don’t have to worry, ’cause there ain’t no need to hurry” and “In a world where everybody hates a happy ending story” and the similar stanzas, the chord indicated in the tutorial seems messed up. The Bb or B-sustain/suspended chord sounds correct but the Eb or E-sustain/suspended chord is just not right.

Here’s the print-screen version of the With A Smile Chord tutorial.

With A Smile

click on the picture to enlarge

Good thing I was able to find a tutorial on Youtube; thanks to the power of the world wide web. But what surprised me is that the one teaching the chords for the song With A Smile is a foreigner! I’m not sure what his nationality is but I think he is American. But he got the chords correct and the song sounds right. Here is the video of him giving a tutorial on how to play the said song.

Here, meanwhile is the more difficult part with all the plucking and all the adornments involved which he calls “guitar lick.”

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After Watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I was carried away after watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I don’t want to spoil the film to you and kill your joy so you have to watch it for yourself.

Basically the film teaches us that everything in life will fall into its right place just as long as we strive hard and as long as we are not afraid to take risks.

I felt inspired after watching the film and it made me feel like I can ace tomorrow’s interview at my dream company. I hope all goes well. All iz well.

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Now Playing: Sandwich Songs

Do you remember the time when we used to call each other “sandwich”? It was in high school when unlimited texting was still new and Nokia GSM phones were still the hippest phones. You were my sandwich in a lunchbox and I was yours. We kept each other’s stomach full–not in a literal sense. You know, as the saying goes… “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

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Random thoughts na naisip ko habang nasa UP Ikot Jeep kahapon

Kahapon pagkatapos naming maghiwalay ni Jes sa Area 2, sumakay ako ng Ikot jeep sa sakayan, tapat ng post office. Konti lang kaming sakay at karamihan sa amin ay nakapwesto malapit sa bungad. Walang nakaupo malapit sa drayber.

Dahil walang nakaupo malapit sa drayber at nakaupo ako sa dulong dulo sa kaliwang side, nahihiya akong makiabot ng pamasahe sa dalawang katabi ko dahil nakaupo sila malapit sa akin. May sumakay na isang cutie pie na Miriam Girl malapit yata sa may Bahay ng Alumni yun. Umupo siya medyo malapit sa drayber (bandang gitna actually) sa kanan na side. Nagabot yung ale na katapat ko sa dulong upuan sa kanya ng pamasahe. Matapos niyang abutin ang pamasahe ng ale e dumukot ako sa coin purse ko ng barya. Pagkatapos ko dumukot ng barya ay umatras siya ng upo palapit sa ale sa dulo. Akala niya siguro ay makikiabot din ako sa kanya ng bayad. Pero ang totoo, hindi ko naman iniisip at intensyon na ipaabot ang bayad sa kanya dahil babae siya at nakakahiya naman. Medyo pinadelay ko ang pagaabot ng bayad hanggang sa may mga sumakay na ibang pasahero malapit sa may drayber. Pero wala pa ring sumasakay. Nasa may Fine Arts na kami nito. Iniisip ko ng mismong sandaling yun kung iniisip kaya ng babae na ang bait ko dahil hindi ko pinaabot sa kanya ang pamasahe ko o iniisip niya pa rin hanggang ngayon na ipapaabot ko sa kanya ang pamasahe ko? O hindi niya yun iniisip at ako lang ang nagiisip nun? O baka naman nagiisip lang ako masyado na hindi ko naman talaga kailangang magrationalize ng mga bagay hanggang sa umabot na nga ako sa puntong “nageexist” ba ako ang iniisip ko. Labo.

Malapit na ko sa bababaan ko. Bumaba yung dalawang katabi ko sa bababaan pagkalabas ng gate sa C.P. Garcia galing Fine Arts katapat ng Centennial Dorm. Nang bumaba na sila ay pinadausdos ko ang puwet ko papunta kay Manong Drayber at inabot ang bayad ko. Hanggang sa makababa na nga ako sa Sarah’s.

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2014 Must Learn and Must Do Things

  1. To be a guitar expert—Sungha Jung level or something close to that.
  2. To learn how to play the drums.
  3. To learn how to play the bass guitar.
  4. To learn how to play the piano or organ or keyboards.
  5. To be a multi-instrumentalist.
  6. To enroll in an extension class in UP College of Music soon.
  7. To learn skateboarding. To learn a few tricks like ollie, kick flip, among other street skateboarding tricks.
  8. To be good with my writing and to be versatile with genres.
  9. To be a pro with my swimming skills. To learn how to do tumble turns, butterfly and to improve on the strokes I know.
  10. To learn how to play football.
  11. To learn one or two martial arts. Judo or Taekwondo. Or to learn mixed martial arts?
  12. To do longer distance running. To join a 10K or 21K  marathon?
  13. To learn intermediate and higher Spanish. To enroll in UP for Spanish 12 and 13 courses or in Instituto de Cervantes.
  14. To learn another language; Japanese, perhaps? Or Portuguese?
  15. To be an Adobe Photoshop Genius.
  16. To learn other graphic shit software like dream weaver, animation tools, website software, etc. etc.
  17. To learn music editing software.
  18. To learn digital photography and film photography.
  19. To learn the camera aspects in TV and Film
  20. To learn how to compose songs.
  21. To learn how to compose poems.
  22. To learn how to do electrical stuff (fixing broken electrical wirings at home)
  23. To learn how to do mechanical/automobile stuff (car troubleshooting)
  24. To learn carpentry stuff.
  25. To learn how to video edit.
  26. To learn how to write killer copy/ies.
  27. To learn how to paint.
  28. To go back to playing basketball? I suck at the sport.
  29. To learn Statistics and apply it on research.
  30. To publish a research paper of my own.
  31. To apply for graduate studies. I still don’t know what to take for my master’s but my choices are: Sociology, Anthropology, Communication Research, Speech Communication or Public Administration.
  32. To take another degree. My choices are: Theater Arts, Speech Communication, Broadcast Communication, Film, Sociology, Anthropology, Fine Arts (Visual Communication).
  33. To study in a communication/film and television school abroad (UK, US, Australia or Netherlands)
  34. To stage dive on a really tight moshpit.
  35. To form a band.
  36. To go to Batanes alone or with my erpats.
  37. To visit Los Banos.
  38. To continue and finish my Certificate in Forestry course in UPLB.
  39. To learn basic Taxonomy (FBS 21).

This is a partial list because I may be missing something. I also know that there are other skills I will discover along the way that I would like to eventually develop.


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A commentary on Mar Roxas’ CNN interview

I’m not a hustler in designing and constructing framework models. I’m not as good as my block mates when they design their framework for their respective research papers when we were still in college. But I think you don’t have to be a genius to realize that the framework used by the government in responding to the Typhoon Yolanda is flawed.

Why the hell will you rely on local government units in responding to calamities of that magnitude if they themselves will surely be affected?

Shouldn’t the command come from the top level, meaning from the national government because for obvious reasons, we were not the one hit by the typhoon?

Our leaders (especially PNoy and Roxas who appear on a lot of interviews) should just humble themselves and admit that they lacked preparations for this disaster that struck our country.

Here’s the link of the interview of CNN’s Andrew Stevens with Mar Roxas:

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Fixing my iPod

I’m fixing my iPod again. By fixing I mean organizing the songs in it. I remember how pissed I was when the songs in my iPod were deleted. I even wrote about it in my old blog (which is still searchable).

Since the time the songs in my iPod were deleted, I got lazy fixing it again because the process of ripping albums or downloading songs and then putting on the appropriate cover album is too tedious. You see, I am obsessive compulsive about my stuff and I like them really organized.

I just finished ripping albums I borrowed from Lala. I am now listing down artists and songs I’m about to download.

There’s a lot in the list but I’m not planning to download all of their albums. There are artists who I like only a few songs of theirs and there are those who have “sulit” albums that you can listen to their whole album without getting fed up.

I hope I can put in all the songs I like. I have the full Sublime and Radiohead albums but I’m looking forward to finding their other albums because they are my two favorite foreign bands. Meanwhile, I have to find Yano albums again because I gave my original anthology album copies to my Kuya Nori (my sister’s boyfriend) when he was still here.


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Middle Watch Musing

The problem with staying up until late is that you get hungry and there is no food to eat. There is no food in the fridge to cook either. I don’t want to sleep yet, I want to read a novel. But I’m hungry and I want to feed both my brain and my stomach.

And do you know the solution to this dilemma?




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Motorcycle Girl

I had fun talking with motorcycle girl today.

She suggested that I write a book for I have many funny experiences. I told her the story of me not being able to give a stool sample because I can’t take a dump properly. This was the time when I was applying for a certain scriptwriting workshop that I did not pursue. She asked me why I did not eat and eat so I’ll have an upset stomach. I told her I was broke (which is my usual problem) and that I only had enough money for my fare.

I was able to give my blood and urine sample but not my stool. I had to deliver it the next day and I knew that the Human Resources department handling the workshop was getting mad at me already.

We talked and talked and when we were about to leave, she can’t start her motorcycle. I tried to make it work by helping her kick down the kick start lever. After several attempts and after some sweat formed in my chest and forehead already, we finally made it work.

I really have to learn how to drive a motorcycle.

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