A journal entry supposedly for Comm Res 110

Jounal No. 6


The Beatlemania


Recently I have been enjoying listening to Beatles’ songs. The song “If I fell” keeps singing in my head and it’s sad because I don’t have a copy of that song in my music player. I played “Can’t buy me love”, “Let it be”, “All you need is love” and some other songs available in my sister’s ipod instead.

Last week, I watched “A Hard Day’s Night”, a film which features them and they acted as themselves in the said film. I watched it to write an analysis about it because it’s our requirement for the final exam in our Comm 140 class. I realized how phenomenal and influential The Beatles are, knowing that they lasted as a band for just 10 years or so. My favorite author Haruki Murakami even uses Beatles’ song in his books and he also entitled a song in one of his book which is the novel “Norwegian Wood”, one of the best Murakami books I’ve read.

But let’s go back to the phenomenon The Beatles brought. John Lennon and Paul McCartney are powerful song writers. Their compositions are love potion which mesmerized listeners across the world. Let’s not forget George Harrison’s power guitar tab patterns and Ringo Starr’s head banging beats. The band toured in many parts of Europe during the height of their popularity and in the US. According to the Wikipedia article I read, they even tried to have a concert in the Philippines during the Martial Law. But according to the article, it was postponed because they were threatened of President Marcos when they were invited by his wife, then the first lady Imelda Marcos to have an exclusive dinner with her and they refused to. Then they found out that Marcos was not used to accepting “no” for an answer. They were also alarmed by the riot going on during the Martial Law era.

But according to my father’s account of the story, they were able to have a concert here in the Philippines. They performed in the Araneta Coliseum but my father was not certain whether people really stormed it. According to my father, when he was in second grade teenagers then were really addicted to The Beatles they set up disco dance floors in the garage of their houses and dance to the beat of their songs.

It is still a mystery to me how they influenced the world by their music. Does the media play a role again here or their songs are just too wonderful one can’t resist loving it?


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