I just finished lunch. I ate tinola with a little coke on the side. I’m going to buy more coke after writing this. Perhaps in Poleng/Helen because they have 12 ounce coke and they sell it really cold!

Anyhow, I don’t really like tinola. It’s one of the viand I less like eating. When I eat tinola I just think of Jose Rizal. It’s his favorite food (viand). And by thinking that way, I am able to eat and enjoy tinola. I wonder what the original tinola during Rizal’s time taste like? Is it really that good that he included it in his novels?

Maybe we’ll just really have to find ways to like the things we hate (or like less) so that we can enjoy it and accept it.

I’m going to finish the Epañol Once script now. Tomorrow’s the presentation. But I’m going to buy coke first.


About Tero Diaz

Fresh graduate. Average person. Frustrated writer and lives life the punk-rock way.
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