Zombie Apocalypse!

Let me tell you what I dreamed about last night.

I can’t recall the entire dream and the correct sequence. Of course, it is impossible to remember the entirety, meaning, every small detail of your dream because according to psychology it is just not possible.

This is how the dream went. I was kissing a girl whom I met in a sort of carenderia-restaurant type of setting. The girl’s face looks familiar but I’m not really sure if I met her before. According to my professor in Psych 101, the people you meet in your dreams whom you don’t recognize are people you encounter in your everyday life but you don’t notice or give attention to. Did you get my point? Anyway, so there, I was kissing her for a long time until we hold off. The next scene was a zombie apocalypse. We (I and my closest friends) are running away from zombies that are chasing us. We even climbed this wire wall and found ourselves in a narrow alleyway and saw the zombies were already there and we climbed back. The next scene, we were shooting the zombies with the bird-shot or shotgun type of gun and when we were out of bullets already, we used the butt of the gun to hit the zombies and to keep them away from us.

I didn’t want the dream to end because I want to know if we are going to survive the zombie apocalypse or if we will be eaten by them or if we will become zombies like them. I realized in the scene where we were fighting the zombies that I must be dreaming but then, like I said I didn’t want to wake up. But I was awaken by the heat because it was noontime already. I wanted more of the zombie apocalypse dream!

So there. I hope you liked my zombie apocalypse dream except the kissing scene part. Yuck.


About Tero Diaz

Fresh graduate. Average person. Frustrated writer and lives life the punk-rock way.
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