Weird Names

I feel sleepy right now.

I woke up today earlier than the usual (but I know it’s noon already since I’m awakened by the heat and by my sister’s cellphone alarm) and felt I got hang over because of the drinking session with Jun (Sarsa) yesterday.

I went to their house because for the past few weeks since Christmas break started (I think even before it started), Sarsa was texting me, sending greetings as if making “paramdam” that we should set a date (this is not bromance okay?) for us to meet again.

I went to their house yesterday to ask him to go with me and ask for Justice’s cellphone number and address. I was planning to go to her uncle’s house where she used to live and bring Sarsa with me. That way,  I’ll get the extra guts to go there and ask what I needed to ask. I failed to say it to Sarsa since I’m quite shy to tell it so we ended up having a drink. His brother Lester (Popoy) was there and another familiar face, CJ (Botchok) who I become acquainted with also since he’s always at the inuman sessions.

We enjoyed the inuman since we did not see each other for a long time but the real reason why I’m writing this blog is because I want to discuss how Sarsa or Baryo people in particular (Baryo is a place in Cainta and is where I live) have weird sounding names (that does not exclude me).

Here are the few weird names (people I know and Sarsa’s friend combined) I know:

  • Bukol (the swelling or the bump in the head when it gets hit hard by an object, “nauntog”)
  • Pala (as in the shovel)
  • Emong (not pronounced as the “E” in emo but the Tagalog E)
  • Moeng (it looks like the reverse name of Emong because only the letter E was transposed to the middle)
  • Dogie (yes, as in like the teach me how to doggie)
  • Bilog (this in English means circle)
  • Kulot (due to his curly hair when it gets long)
  • Dodong (it’s like dodo with NG added)
  • Palaka (Yes, this is real. There is someone named Palaka here in barrio. Palaka means frog of course)
  • Itchok (this is like an onomatopoeic name or something)
  • Usoy (It’s weird, right? Kinda sounds like usok and isoy combined)
  • Niknek (What the hell is Niknek? Like a niknek na sugat or something?)

Of course, I keep mentioning earlier, Sarsa (which means sauce) and yours truly also has a weird name: Rooster. That’s right, the male chicken. I don’t want to be called by my real name, btw.

So those are just a few examples of the weird names we have here in Baryo (or Barrio, I don’t know the real spelling).


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Fresh graduate. Average person. Frustrated writer and lives life the punk-rock way.
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