I was able to talk to my Polsc 14 prof again

Last Wednesday, I was able to talk again to my prof in Polsc 14 (Political Science 14: Philippine Politics and Governance). His name is Professor Gene Lacza-Pilapil. I luckily got under his class circa 2009 when I was manually enlisting for my classes. I was a newbie then (take note: newbie, not a freshie) in UP Diliman. I didn’t know who the best professor to pick since I didn’t know anyone who have taken Polsc 14 before. My sister hadn’t taken Polsc 14 as a subject. By the way, one of the privilege of being a UP student is you get to choose which class and which professor to enrol in as long as there are still slots in that class and it won’t conflict with your schedule. I randomly picked Sir Pilapil’s class and found out in class that he’s a very good professor (in fact he is a popular prof in Polsc 14 and is a highly recommended prof).

Going back, I went to his office in the Faculty Center (FC) to ask him if he allows interviews. I recalled one time, one orgmate of mine interviewed him but he did not allow my orgmate to take a photo of him. I was helping Ali (my bestfriend in Adamson) with his thesis on the data gathering part. They need to interview professors who do co-teaching or team teaching. Our Polsc 14 during my first year, first sem in UP was a team teaching between Sir Gene Lacza-Pilapil and Ma’am Crisline Torres (who is my crush also). But when I brought up this topic, Sir Gene said it was not actually a team teaching class but more of he just helped Ma’am Crisline because it was originally her class but she went out of the country to study. Upon her arrival, she continued the other half of the sem.

Knowing this, I just spent the rest of the hour talking to Sir Gene about different things. He asked me how I was doing and if I’m graduating already and I said I’m on the thesis proposal part. We discussed my thesis topic and he gave some comments. I liked some of his comments and I was really glad, flattered or overwhelmed when he said that the topic I chose is publishable so long as I clarify the operational terms. We talked more about so many random things like squatters and its relation to crimes in UP among others. I was still amazed by how he explains well things (in a political science or social science perspective). He still did not fail to awe me by his intelligence and profoundness.

When the time came that we needed to part I asked him one final question and excused myself for him to not get offended. But according to him he doesn’t get offended by questions so I asked him directly if he and Ma’am Crisline are now married. He answered yes and he pointed on the name on the front door of their room saying that the name “Crisline Torres” is now “Crisline Torres-Pilapil”. It broke my heart a bit because I have a crush on Ma’am Crisline. I even admitted it to Sir Gene that day about the crush thing and he just laughed. But deep inside me, I’m very happy for the two of them. They are two great professors I was lucky to have.

Upon walking the corridors of FC, I was swaying my arms like a stupid kid. I looked like an idiot but I didn’t care because no one’s there.

I was really happy because I was able to talk to my former prof again. My Polsc 14 under Sir Gene and Ma’am Crisline is quite memorable.


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