My Favorite UP subjects

My favorite subjects that I took in UP are mostly General Education (GE) subjects. This is the equivalent of minor subjects in other schools I think such as English 1 (College English), English 2 (Technical Writing), Speech Comm, Philo, Envi Sci, Bio, and so on and so forth.

Let me write down my favorite subjects in UP Diliman and their course titles/descriptions. I’ll try my best to remember all of them.

Kas 1 (Kasaysayan 1: Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas at mga Institusyong Pilipino)

This is a Philippine History class and a GE subject but we are required to take it. I liked it  because I was very good in history when I was in high school and this subject tested that skill of mine. It was shocking at first how this subject was handled. The medium of instruction here is purely in Filipino plus there are a lot of readings and the lessons I learned from this class are really shocking and it shook my former knowledge and prowess of the study of history. I did not get a flat 1.0 grade here but it was still fun. I liked my prof here, too. Her name is Bb. Krystyl Obispado. I got a grade of 1.25 here. Not bad.

Polsc 14 (Political Science 14: Philippine Politics and Governance)

As I mentioned in my earlier blog, I really enjoyed this class because the professors were really good. It’s not a GE subject and it’s a required subject for mass comm students. I think we need this for our Comm 120 (Media Law) class. I had a very bad impression of the course Political Science before. I thought of it as tedious and a “memorization” course. Yes, we did a lot of memorization here but it was all worth it because the study strategy implemented in the class is very effective (every meeting there is a graded recitation and you can steal if the person doesn’t know the answer). My profs here are happily married now. They are Prof. Gene Lacza-Pilapil and Prof. Crisline Torres-Pilapil. My grade here is 1.75.

Geog 1 (Geography 1: Places and Landscapes in a Changing World)

This is also one of the very exciting courses in UP. Being the only university offering an undergraduate and graduate degree in geography, I took it as a GE subject to say I am unique. I was hesitant at first actually because I wanted to get the cooler sounding Social Sciences and Philosophy (SSP) GE subjects such as Arkiyoloji 1, Anthropology 10, Social Science 2 or Social Science 3, Philosophy 1 or Philosophy 10, etc. Rumors say that if you attend the field trip here, you’ll automatically get a grade of 1.0. I attended the field trip but requested for another date because it was Live AIDS season during this sem and the show date will conflict with the day of our class’s field trip so I joined the older Geog majors in their separate field trip. Over all, this class was fun and I was very bibo in this class and we are very moshpit inside our classroom here. This is also the first time I got a flat 1.0 in any of my subjects in my entire college life (UPLB, Adamson, UP Diliman combined).

Comm 130 (Communication 130: Communication and Media Theories)

Well, I really not quite like this subject. I like theories but I did not learn a lot from this class. Each student was required to be a “master” of the theory assigned to him/her and our prof will just give her comments and additional supplements for the theory. Sometimes I don’t listen to the reports of my classmates because they are boring. I got a grade of 1.25 here. It’s the average grade of the students in this class. It’s not really one of my favorite but I really like communication and media theories. They are just starting to make sense to me now that I’m in my fourth year.

J 101 (Journalism 101: Introduction to Journalism)

I probably liked this subject because there were a lot of press conferences we attended. The most sophisticated one was when we went to Hotel Intercontinental in Makati for the Yahoo! Social Media Forum. We also did a paper on how the newsroom of ABS-CBN works so we went there. It was a lot of adventure and writing for this class was very challenging. My journalistic skills (which are not skills at all) were tested in this class. I liked this class and at some point I wanted to shift to Journ but Reiner is from Journ already so I said no. I only got a grade of 2.0 here. 


Socio 10 (Sociology 10: Being Filipino: A Sociological Exploration)

This is also another Social Sciences and Philosophy (SSP) GE subject that I took in the summer of 2010. I liked the learnings in this class but I don’t like the readings because they are too many! Still, despite not being able to read all the readings, I got a grade of 1.0. I liked how we discussed many sociological concepts such as Ideological State Apparatus (ISA) and Repressive State Apparatus (RSA) by Louis Althusser, Emile Durkheim’s the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, the three major perspective in sociology: functionalism, conflict theory and symbolic interactionism, contemporary political and sociological issues, among others. My prof here, Ma’am Jonabelle Asis happens to shower (magpaulan) 1.0 grades. I did not excel that much in this class but I still manage to get a grade of 1.0. I wrote my final paper picking the topic about Visiting Forces Agreement and another topic I forgot already.


Comm Res 115 (Communication Research 115: Statistical Concepts in Communication Research)

This probably is my only major subject that I liked. Our prof here is very kind but she got angry at me once when I asked the 2nd exam be moved because it was always scheduled the same date with my Comm 140 (Media and Society) exam. I liked this class because I learned the basic concepts in statistics such as population and sampling, the different sampling methods (Probability and Non-probability) and the computations here are very simple. Our prof here is called Ma’am J. Her real name is Prof. Maria Ramona Jimenez. Many Comm Res majors love her because she is so kind. I swear, her kindness is like impossible. By the way I got a grade of 1.75 here. That’s the highest grade I got so far from my Comm Res subjects. I haven’t gotten a grade of 1.5 or 1.25 or 1.0 from my major subjects.

Physics 10 (Physics and Astronomy for Pedestrians)

This is also one of the subject I was hesitant taking at the start. First of all, I did not learn anything from our high school physics (and we also did not study statistics so I had a hard time during Comm Res 115 and Comm Res 120). I was really scared of math, science, chem, physics and related subjects. But when I get to listen and learn from our prof here, everything changed. A paradigm shift happened to me. I suddenly loved Physics even though I know it’s hard as a course. I appreciated the universe and how it continuously expands; I appreciated the stars and the constellations; I appreciated Kepler’s law of gravitation, as well as other scientists’ laws (Newton’s, Galilei’s, Brahe’s, etc. etc.); I appreciated efforts made by the National Institute of Physics in the development of Science and Technology in the Philippines. My prof here is a young doctorate candidate in Physics during the time of our Physics 10 class. He now obtained his doctorate degree and is now the Dr. Anthony Longjas. He is a very kengkoy prof but you’ll know he is smart and that he makes sense of what he says. At the end of the sem I got a grade of 1.5 here. I was expecting to get a flat 1.0 actually but I accepted it as it is. I can’t complain about it anymore.

Comm Res 130 (Communication Research 130: Qualitative Analysis in Communication Research)

I didn’t really liked this class but I prefer qualitative methods/studies than quantitative ones so I guess at some point I liked it as well. But it’s not something to be celebrated about. I learned a lot here but I did not much enjoy it. Plus I got a low grade here. During this time we were not allowed to get an average grade of 2.5 or lower in all of our Comm Res subjects and other subjects as well. Our maintaining grade before basically is 2.25 (computation is separated from majors and overall subjects). I think I became a probee because of this subject and Comm Res 120. I got a grade of 2.5 on both. But our retention policy on grades have been abolished now.

Comm 120 (Communication 120: Communication and Media Law)

Well, this is another subject where I did not learn a lot but I enjoyed our professor here. His name is Professor Victor Avecilla who is also lawyer. He requires us to bring 4 law books in class every meeting (Revised Penal Code, Civil Code, Constitution, and I forgot the other one, I think it’s Labor Code) so I have to borrow from the library of the College of Law and renew it every 2 weeks plus the books are really heavy! I enjoyed the trivia and the jokes of Sir Chito which I just ride on that’s why I became one of his favorite students. I got a grade of 1.75 here, higher than I expected.

Theater 12 (Theater Arts 12: Acting Workshop)

I took this subject when I was taking my qualitative and quantitative research methods class (Comm Res 130 and Comm Res 120 respectively). Our schedule here is Wednesdays only, 2-5pm I think. Our professor here, Sir Dexter Santos, doesn’t allow prerogs for the class. He wants a small number of students. And with us being just few, we became close in class. I was always out though during our practice for the final presentation because I was attending another rehearsal then which is for Live AIDS. But I think my previous experience with Live AIDS made Theater 12 easier for me although what Theater 12 and Live AIDS teach about performing on stage has many disparities.

I got a grade of 1.0 here. During our acting workshops (dialogue, monologue, etc.) I was not criticized as harsh as my other classmates in this class. I don’t know why. I don’t know if it means I can deliver well or I’m a good actor. But there. This is a fun class! The improvisation exercises are crazy. Hahaha.


STS (Science, Technology and Society)

I enjoyed this class because I get to sleep a lot here when Dr. Fidel Nemenzo is not around. The idea of this class is that there are different professors every meeting which will discuss different topics. There were topics about language, biology and culture, sci-fi films, complexity science, biotechnology, DNA tracing, mathematics as a language, Jose Rizal as a naturalist scientist, among many other interesting topics. We were 100 in class but of course not everybody appeared. Others attended only the first day of class but is gone the whole semester. We were still many in class and my classmates here came from the different colleges and departments, meaning, this is really a diverse class. I got a grade of 1.0 here also. There is only one exam at the end and it’s an essay type. Don’t mess with the Zohan when it comes to essay type of questions because I can proudly tell I’m really good at it.

Dr. Nemenzo once told us that STS is similar to how classes are conducted in Cambridge University or Oxford. I’m not sure. I know it’s some school in UK.


Film 100 (Film 100: Introduction to Film)

This is a very worth it class to take especially if you can be enlisted under Professor Patrick Campos’ class. He is a very good teacher. I enjoyed and appreciated films in this class. I’m not really a fan of films, movies, cinema before. I have a bad experience with watching movies that’s why I did not like it and ventured to reading fiction novels. But upon enrolling in this class (because we were required in our curriculum), I appreciated film and began loving it. We watched a lot of bothersome films here like Elephant by Gus Van Sant, Dancer in the Dark by Von Lars Trier, Kisapmata by Mike De Leon, Un Viaje by I-forgot-who, White Balloon (an Iranian Film), and many UP Film Theses which are fantastic and are deserving of applause.

I only got a grade of 2.0 here. The readings by the way are too thick. I was not able to read the last few chapters of the readings but was still able to submit the final paper (formalist-critical paper). I submitted it late. Hehe. We also had quizzes every meeting so we have to read all the readings.


Span 11 (Spanish 11: Elementary Spanish 2)

I actually like both Span 10 and Span 11 only I got a low grade from Span 10 that’s why I did not write it here as one of my favorite subjects in UP. Spanish 10 and Spanish 11 are both Elementary Spanish classes (Elementary Spanish 1 and Elementary Spanish 2 respectively). You can get them separately or as an integrated subject. I happened to take it separately because I was targeting the prof to enroll in. My professor here in Span 11 is Señora Anna Gloria Margarita Ventanilla-Degilla. She’s a very cute prof. She’s married already. My orgmates told me that she showers (nagpapaulan) a grade of 1.0. I did not received one though. I only got a grade of 1.75. Not bad comparing it to my Span 10 where I got a grade of 2.5 and it made me a probee again because that’s my only class during last summer. What Señora will do is to speak Español in a fast and straightforward manner as if speaking to another fluent Spanish-speaking person then later on translate what she said in English and sometimes in Filipino. She’s also able to crack jokes in Español, English and Filipino and this I think is a talent. A gift.

Anyway, I have a partner-forever here whose name is Mickee. I think she’s smarter than me in this class. I don’t know what grade she got. Anyways, it was always her who is my partner in activities especially in dialogues. I was comfortable partnering with her. She’s very kind to me and I tried to be kind to her also and make her laugh every time we practice for partner activities. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a crush on her. I’m just thankful that she became my partner-forever. I still see her sometimes in mass comm because she’s taking Comm 100 as an elective.


Comm Res 199 (Communication Research 199: Research Design)

Well, I’m not yet done with this subject. I’m currently taking this this sem. It’s basically thesis part one. Comm Res 200 is thesis part 2. I’m enjoying this class so far because of the things I’m learning here. There were lessons where I don’t know why, but I did not learn from previous Comm Res classes considering that we are just doing the same thing over and over again except that new ideas and skills are added.

My professor here is Dr. Elena Pernia. She is one of the founding members of my org (UP SAMASKOM). I can see myself in her sometimes because she exhibits crazy ideas and gestures sometimes. Hahaha. I don’t know if I’m the only who notices it but she’s “baliw” like me except that hers is the intelligent “kabaliwan”.

I liked this class and I think I’m appreciating and loving Communication Research as a discipline because of how this course is handled.

So there. I don’t know if someone will actually take time to read this very long blog entry. I learned not to publish blogs that are too long because people won’t actually read it. But I just feel like writing this it took me days to finish this because I have other matters to attend to such as thesis.


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