Sputnik I

I like traveling and going to different places. It feeds my soul when I get to take a trip outside the usual confines of the places I go to.

I just got home from my overnight stay at my bestfriend’s house in Bacoor, Cavite. This bestfriend of mine is named Ali and he became my bestfriend when I was still in Adamson. Anyway, the city of Bacoor is a 2-hour travel from our town here in Cainta. I left home yesterday at around 11AM or 12NN and arrived at Cavite at around 2PM.

I spent the night at Ali’s house because it was his birthday. We ate (our favorite activity when we are at their home), talked about of lot of things a.k.a. did a lot of catching up, and also went malling. I joined them when they went to SM Mall of Asia to look for prospective restaurants they will dine in after their graduation rites on Monday. Ali has a car so we didn’t have to commute to get to MOA. During the night (actually it was morning already that time), we also drank a bit. Ali is not allowed to drink at home so we kinda sneaked in.

Going home a while ago was not easy. I got stuck in the rain in Talaba (still in Bacoor) and it took me a few minutes before I was able to get in a bus. I decided to take the Lawton-bound bus instead of the usual Pasay bus so that when I get to Manila, I can just transfer to another bus bound straight home which is the RRCG or the G-Liner bus. If I chose the Pasay-bound bus then, I will have to walk a few blocks before I get to the MRT. It’s hassle for me because it was raining and I didn’t have any umbrella with me that time.

What I like about my travel experiences is that I get to think of strategies and alternatives on how to go from one place to another with less hassle. I successfully got into a Lawton bus from Talaba, Bacoor, Cavite and a Cainta bus when I decided to drop off to PNU.

My favorite mode of transportation is the bus more than the LRT, MRT, jeep, FX, or taxi. Inside a bus you can sleep (although with some level of difficulty and awkwardness in position). You can also keep dry when it’s raining because unlike inside a jeepney it’s just covered with some “trapal”. In terms of level of safety and security, it’s relatively high because there are no cruel taxi drivers to set you up. You just have to guard yourself from robbery gangs or holdapers who might jump inside the bus and declare a hold up or suddenly point a sharp object beside you (which thankfully has not happened to me yet and I pray not to happen ever to me).

When I’m inside a bus, especially when I’m able to secure a seat, I get to do a lot of things such as reading a fiction novel, thinking and imagining random thoughts, and the best of all–sleeping. It’s just awkward that when you fall asleep, you’ll realize that your mouth was wide open all the time you were sleeping.


About Tero Diaz

Fresh graduate. Average person. Frustrated writer and lives life the punk-rock way.
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