R.I.P. Ron-ron

Ron-ron will be sent to his final destination and will be buried beneath the earth for this is the last day people will mourn over his dead body.

Ron-ron is a guy who I frequently see here in our barangay. He is sometimes called Sixto because of his height (6 feet 2 inches). Rumor said that he committed suicide by hanging his self.

When my sister arrived last night, she was asking why there were a lot of people outside. It’s just now that I realized that maybe last night was also the last mourning for his wake.

Today, friends of Ron-ron are on the streets wearing shirts with his face printed on it and with a farewell message. I have no personal attachment with Ron-ron. We even spoke to each other like only once or twice when he was still living. I remember when I was still fond of attending gigs and was still a rock poseur, he was included in the group I join in in attending gig events.

Now, he will join the earth and will be buried on his grave. All I can think of why he committed suicide is because of the bullying he gets due to his not-the-usual tallness. Maybe there’s a more serious reason behind it like family problems, financial problems, etc.

He ended his life while we continue living ours.


About Tero Diaz

Fresh graduate. Average person. Frustrated writer and lives life the punk-rock way.
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