Healthy Livin’ (La Vida Loca)

I went swimming again yesterday at Marikina Sports Complex.

I was having second thoughts on whether to continue my plan of doing practice swim or just stay home. Since I still can’t cross the longitudinal length of the Marikina Sports Park Public Pool, I immediately packed my things and did not even bother to arrange them the way I usually do, did not even take a bath and just left. I bought some toiletries I still lack at Mercury Drug Parola and hurriedly hopped in inside a jeep. I went down to McDonald’s Marcos Highway and rode another jeep bound to Marikina town proper.

When I got in the public pool, it was past 3PM or 4PM already. The pool closes at 4:30PM. I swam and swam until my lungs get used to the water but I still got tired. My abdomen part also hurt. When the lifeguard asked us to get off the pool because it’s closing time already I rose from the water and took a shower.

When I got home, I felt that what I did in the pool was not enough so I changed into running attire and went running for 10 laps around the Brookside Oval. I also did some sit ups upon arriving home to make my abdomen smaller. I promised from that day on that I will do regular sit ups until my abdominal part deflates. Hahaha.

The activities I did yesterday were too tiring that I was not able to do some of the household chores like folding the clothes I disorganized.


About Tero Diaz

Fresh graduate. Average person. Frustrated writer and lives life the punk-rock way.
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