Childhood Memory

This morning while I was on my way home from Pam’s house, I was suddenly reminded again of that vivid memory in grade school. I was in grade one. I had this classmate whose name I forgot and who insisted I invite her in our house where we’ll eat lunch together then go back to school for the afternoon session of our class.

I can’t really describe her as the type I’ll have a crush on but she’s not bad. She has a white complexion which makes her seem that she has some foreign bloodline or something. Anyway, the other clear memory of her was when we were by the dike of a river near our house. She was watching, siting near the dike and I was wondering why she was fascinated with that dirty river.

Also, I can’t forget when my relatives–my lola and my aunts teased me of bringing a “manugang” or a daugher-in-law at home. Of course, I didn’t have any idea what they were talking about that time. There was no malice for me yet back then and everything seemed perfectly normal. I didn’t know people think that way when I was still younger.

So there. I thought it’s cute to share that experience in my childhood that I can’t erase in my memory. It keeps recurring in my mind ever so often.


About Tero Diaz

Fresh graduate. Average person. Frustrated writer and lives life the punk-rock way.
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