Last Thursday’s swimming class, I woke really early so that I won’t miss the class again. I have a lot of absences already, I can’t count exactly how many but it’s near the maximum allowable (6 absences) and I was thinking of dropping the subject since I’m really so ashamed (to my classmates and especially to my prof).

When I arrived at the College of Human Kinetics (CHK) swimming pool in UP, I saw a few of myclassmates were already there. My prof arrived a little later at around 7:04. Our class is from 7AM to 8AM. My prof was early because most of the time she comes in late.

So there, when I saw her (my prof), it was as if I was not gone (or been absent) for a long time. We just entered the pool and changed to our swimming attire. We were asked to do a 15-minute warm up. She said that we need it because of the activity she will ask us to do.

After the 15-minute warm up, we also did a warm up in the pool, meaning, swimming a few lapses to prepare ourselves. We were then grouped per hit. I was assigned to hit number 1 with another guy classmate. We (I’m just assuming) are the slowest swimmer in the class. But I don’t care. I’m not very competitive. All I want is to learn the sport and be good at it. So there, after each hit were assigned, we splash into the water and swam as fast as we can the 50m length of the pool. But before we dove into the water, I farted with sound out of nervousness. I think somebody must’ve heard it. While swimming, we were timed and my time was 59.8 seconds. Earlier in the class, our prof asked us if we still know our previous record. I remember my first record when we also swam the 50m length was 1 minute and 26 seconds for the first round and 1 minute and 39 seconds for the second round. So, to cut the long story short, I beat my previous record. But my other classmates finished the 50m in a shorter time of course. The fastest was around 30 point something seconds which according to our professor is close to the time of the Varsity Swimming Team of UP (at an average of 27 seconds or something).

So there. I had my frustrations with swimming because I was always absent but this time, I don’t want to be absent anymore. I promise not to compromise swimming with my other subjects and give it the same importance as how I give importance to my academic subjects.



We were also taught this day how to do dolphin kick to prepare us for the butterfly stroke next meeting. Boy, it’s so hard! I need to practice today.


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Fresh graduate. Average person. Frustrated writer and lives life the punk-rock way.
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