Graduation Write-up

Since this is too beautiful not to be published, I’m going to broadcast it here in my blog. This is a graduation write-up written by my two close friends. This is going to be published later in our college yearbook after graduation but I’m issuing this now.


The Wind-up Bird Chronicle No. 7

(Lala Kano’s and Gela Kano’s Letter to Mr. Tero Okada)



Dear Mr. Tero Okada,

We listed down some of your traits that we think you should always remember to face whatever circumstances arise in the near future. This will be short since we know you’re busy and we don’t want to cause trouble anymore than we did to you for the past months. Here ‘you’ are; the ‘listed’ version.

You are a bottomless pit of energy. You know what you want and you get your act together to achieve it while maintaining a positive outlook. That’s why we trust you would get ‘your’ Kumiko, on your own time and way.

You just don’t talk; you listen. May it be the simplest conversation about random things to that of big philosophical ideas, time with you is surely fun and well-spent. Both of us agreed that we really enjoy spending time with you.

Above all, you are a good soul. You have a genuine heart which makes the people around you feel at ease. That and all your talent and hard work will surely take you to places.

That’s all we want to say. We are sorry for letting you be part of our lives but thankful for you letting us be part of yours. We hope that in our next encounter, you won’t be needing our stories because you already have your own story to tell.



Lala Kano and Gela Kano


About Tero Diaz

Fresh graduate. Average person. Frustrated writer and lives life the punk-rock way.
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