A commentary on Mar Roxas’ CNN interview

I’m not a hustler in designing and constructing framework models. I’m not as good as my block mates when they design their framework for their respective research papers when we were still in college. But I think you don’t have to be a genius to realize that the framework used by the government in responding to the Typhoon Yolanda is flawed.

Why the hell will you rely on local government units in responding to calamities of that magnitude if they themselves will surely be affected?

Shouldn’t the command come from the top level, meaning from the national government because for obvious reasons, we were not the one hit by the typhoon?

Our leaders (especially PNoy and Roxas who appear on a lot of interviews) should just humble themselves and admit that they lacked preparations for this disaster that struck our country.

Here’s the link of the interview of CNN’s Andrew Stevens with Mar Roxas:


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