2014 Must Learn and Must Do Things

  1. To be a guitar expert—Sungha Jung level or something close to that.
  2. To learn how to play the drums.
  3. To learn how to play the bass guitar.
  4. To learn how to play the piano or organ or keyboards.
  5. To be a multi-instrumentalist.
  6. To enroll in an extension class in UP College of Music soon.
  7. To learn skateboarding. To learn a few tricks like ollie, kick flip, among other street skateboarding tricks.
  8. To be good with my writing and to be versatile with genres.
  9. To be a pro with my swimming skills. To learn how to do tumble turns, butterfly and to improve on the strokes I know.
  10. To learn how to play football.
  11. To learn one or two martial arts. Judo or Taekwondo. Or to learn mixed martial arts?
  12. To do longer distance running. To join a 10K or 21K  marathon?
  13. To learn intermediate and higher Spanish. To enroll in UP for Spanish 12 and 13 courses or in Instituto de Cervantes.
  14. To learn another language; Japanese, perhaps? Or Portuguese?
  15. To be an Adobe Photoshop Genius.
  16. To learn other graphic shit software like dream weaver, animation tools, website software, etc. etc.
  17. To learn music editing software.
  18. To learn digital photography and film photography.
  19. To learn the camera aspects in TV and Film
  20. To learn how to compose songs.
  21. To learn how to compose poems.
  22. To learn how to do electrical stuff (fixing broken electrical wirings at home)
  23. To learn how to do mechanical/automobile stuff (car troubleshooting)
  24. To learn carpentry stuff.
  25. To learn how to video edit.
  26. To learn how to write killer copy/ies.
  27. To learn how to paint.
  28. To go back to playing basketball? I suck at the sport.
  29. To learn Statistics and apply it on research.
  30. To publish a research paper of my own.
  31. To apply for graduate studies. I still don’t know what to take for my master’s but my choices are: Sociology, Anthropology, Communication Research, Speech Communication or Public Administration.
  32. To take another degree. My choices are: Theater Arts, Speech Communication, Broadcast Communication, Film, Sociology, Anthropology, Fine Arts (Visual Communication).
  33. To study in a communication/film and television school abroad (UK, US, Australia or Netherlands)
  34. To stage dive on a really tight moshpit.
  35. To form a band.
  36. To go to Batanes alone or with my erpats.
  37. To visit Los Banos.
  38. To continue and finish my Certificate in Forestry course in UPLB.
  39. To learn basic Taxonomy (FBS 21).

This is a partial list because I may be missing something. I also know that there are other skills I will discover along the way that I would like to eventually develop.



About Tero Diaz

Fresh graduate. Average person. Frustrated writer and lives life the punk-rock way.
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  1. wow, nice and creative list

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