With A :)

Hi! I can finally play the whole With A Smile song by the Eraserheads. It’s funny that it took me years to finally play it (almost) perfectly.

I subscribe to ultimate-guitar.com website for guitar chords and tab patterns. It is in this website where I learned how to play songs that I wanted to play. The website was introduced to me by my high school classmates, I think. By the way, I started playing the guitar during third year high school circa 2005 but was introduced to playing octavina–a sixteen-string instrument which looks like a miniature guitar during my third grade so I was kinda fascinated with string instruments really early. Anyway, enough of the digression.

I am a big Eraserheads fan and I know how to play a lot of their songs and With A Smile is something I really wanted to learn a long time ago because I thought it’s a nice English song of the band.

But I got frustrated when I found out that the chorus (?) part in the ultimate-guitar tutorial website sounds wrong. In the part of the song where the line: “Baby you don’t have to worry, ’cause there ain’t no need to hurry” and “In a world where everybody hates a happy ending story” and the similar stanzas, the chord indicated in the tutorial seems messed up. The Bb or B-sustain/suspended chord sounds correct but the Eb or E-sustain/suspended chord is just not right.

Here’s the print-screen version of the With A Smile Chord tutorial.

With A Smile

click on the picture to enlarge

Good thing I was able to find a tutorial on Youtube; thanks to the power of the world wide web. But what surprised me is that the one teaching the chords for the song With A Smile is a foreigner! I’m not sure what his nationality is but I think he is American. But he got the chords correct and the song sounds right. Here is the video of him giving a tutorial on how to play the said song.

Here, meanwhile is the more difficult part with all the plucking and all the adornments involved which he calls “guitar lick.”


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